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Study Jazz Piano with Tommy Scott

If you would like to improve your jazz playing, or feel you need some guidance, there are currently a few slots available to study privately with Tommy, in between his busy performing schedule.

Would you like to be able to play jazz more fluidly?

Tommy can work with you to help develop a practice strategy so that you can practice more constructively, help you to feel more fulfilled, and have more breakthroughs in your playing.

Learn to play more creatively, improve your facility, get your playing strong. Feel relaxed because you know that what you play is going to sound strong?

Learn amazing voicings, wow everyone with your solos, accompany sensitively and create beautiful performances.

Learn to have the confidence that you are on the right track and skyrocket your progress!

Experience for yourself the excitement and joy of playing jazz at a high level!!

Tommy's Online Piano Lessons

Learn Jazz harmony

Develop your own colour palette so that create beautiful voicings and inspire yourself and the players around you

Improvisation and soloing

Learn many techniques and concepts to improve your soloing ability, and feel more creative and fluent

Styles of the masters from various eras

Learn how to sound like the masters by discovering the secrets of transcription and analysis

Ensemble Performance

There are many things that you can do in performance which help or hinder a great performance from the entire band.

Tune Learning

Learn how to use harmonies, voicings, comping techniques, and soloing concepts as a way of learning tunes and use tunes to learn to play.

Comping techniques

Learn how to provide the perfect accompaniment and support for the players your playing with.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the lessons suitable for beginners?

Yes, you can take lessons if you have no prior knowledge of jazz. However, if you want to study jazz it is helpful if you already have some skill at playing piano.

Do the lessons take place online?

Yes, the lesson take place on Zoom.

What happens if I miss a lesson?

If you miss a lesson you will be able to reschedule the lesson sometime within the same month

What is the advantage of taking jazz piano lessons?

It is very confusing to try and learn to play jazz by yourself, because there is so much information available, and it is very hard to know what to learn next. Also, you need someone who can explain the theory at the level of understanding that you are at today!

How much practice will I need to do?

You will be expected to have tried and practised the things which have been discussed, several times in-beween lessons, in order to progress. If you have the time to practise more, you will obviously see faster progress.

What equipment will I need?

All you need is a computer or laptop, setup at the end of your piano.

How do I pay?

After you have spoken to Tommy and agreed to start your course of study, you will be sent a signup form and you will then receive a monthly invoice.

Can I stop at any time?

You pay one month at a time, and you are not locked into any contract. If for any reason you need to stop the lessons, all you have to do is to send Tommy an email. Your billing will be cancelled straight away, starting from the 1st day of the next month.

About Tommy

Tommy Scott has recorded 5 albums, written over 30 compositions, played in Paris, London, and Italy, and

Tommy has 20 years of experience teaching jazz. He has taught a wide range of ages and abilities, but he particularly enjoys teaching jazz.

If you are keen to expand your improvisational ability and experience the joy of playing jazz at a high level, then studying with Tommy will put you on the right path.

Quote’s from Tommy’s students


See what some of my current and former students have to say!

An incredibly skilled pianist, with a deep and developed understanding of music across a large range of genres. Has helped me develop largely by giving me direction and guidance in my practice, and by constantly teaching me new and interesting material and knowledge. A great teacher and person who I would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to learn piano and expand there knowledge of music.


Tommy is an extremely professional and knowledgeable teacher of piano. He is pleasant, friendly and very patient when you're struggling to get things right. He is an expert judge at when to stand back and let you achieve by yourself, and when an example or playing alongside you will help you to get your head around an issue. I came to Tommy having spent some time learning on apps and the feedback, support and critical analysis he provides has made for a far better learning experience.


Tommy is an absolute angel. Working with him is so easy, he makes learning fun, he is patient and kind. The best thing of all if I don’t understand something he will just explain it again or in a different way, and he does not make me feel bad for not getting it first or second time. Would recommend for anyone


Lesson Pricing

Lessons with Tommy are £50/hour

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